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Shandong Disineer Disinfection Science and Technology Inc

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Shandong Disineer Disinfection Science And Technology Inc. was established in June 14th,2011. This is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, production, sales and service of medical high-end disinfectant.

We focus on high-level manufacture of disinfection, At the beginning of the establishment we keep the leading technology as a priority in our strategic planning and we hired professor of China Academy of military medical science, editor of China disinfection journal publication, Mr.Yuan Chaosen as our technical director, hired a lot of industry experts as technical advisers. We have strong support for technological innovation, got 15 independent intellectual property rights. Chairman Mr. Wang Jinqiang is one of the standard draftman of  "iodine containing disinfectants hygiene standards (GB26368-2010)" "Hygienic standard of glutaraldehyde disinfectant GB26372-2010" "peroxide disinfectants hygiene standards (GB26371-2010)" and multiple disinfectant national health standard etc.

"To establish the first brand of disinfection products, create disinfection industry leading enterprises," After five years of development, our business has been all over the world, made remarkable achievements in the industry, get a good reputation in clients and public health and other related departments.

Got the leadership in thousands of companies in China, was elected "China Health Supervision Association member unit", "China Health Supervision Association disinfection and infection control unit of Specialized Committee". Provincial Science and Technology Department was identified as "national high-tech enterprises", was also elected Chinese outstanding Chinese business council governing units, and in September 23, 2015 successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange listing (corporate code: 207617).

Integrity, pragmatic, positive and active these ideas have been in the minds of us, rooting and germination, growth. We take the customer demand as the guidance, take the fighters as basic, to achieve the "product disinfection products of  good quality, the contribution of the national health industry" the long cherished wish. Heaven's movement is ever vigorous, Disineer people ceaselessly strive along,with you  people with breadth of vision, do something for national health!