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Effect of multi-enzyme cleaning solution for cleaning of medical devices

More enzyme cleaning liquid on devices of cleaning effect and the bacteria clear effect. method will 300 pieces medium pollution stay wash devices random is divided into control group and experiment group, respectively used general water soaking cleaning and added enzyme cleaning (manual, and mechanical), cleaning Hou observation effect, and sampling do bacteria learn detection. results experiment group cleaning Hou clean of proportion for 96%, control group for 35%, description added enzyme cleaning effect is better than water soaking cleaning; experiment group in the manual added enzyme cleaning Hou of vascular clamp and tweezers carrier rate respectively for 33.7 And 25.5%, and after cleaning the machine cleaning enzyme forceps and tweezers carriage rate is 0, indicating cleaning enzyme cleaning bacterial removal rate is better than the manual of medical devices with enzyme cleaning fluid. conclusions equipment cleaning in washing machine with multi-enzyme cleaning solution is applied, satisfactory results can be achieved. We eliminate Dr multi-enzyme cleaning solution in two ways: a full-potency, a type of bubble-free. I believe this would be your choice.