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Hemodialysis machine specific instructions with citric acid disinfectant

Citric acid is the main active ingredient in this product. Citric acid solution whose pH is less than 3 when the temperature is greater than 80 ° c, already belong to strong acids. The survival of bacteria require a specific pH and acidity of citric acid can change the pH value in the cell, affects the normal metabolism of the bacteria. High concentrations of acidic hydrogen ions changes the biological activity of bacteria, direct damage to the cells. Which led to the death of bacteria. Heat is also an important factor in promoting effect of citric acid kill spores. Effect of citric acid at room temperature do not kill spores, and when the temperature is heated to more than 80 ℃, the role of microorganisms by heat, cell activity accelerated, and the spore shell permeability changes, bacterial spores of the cell wall and cell membrane are also important role in thermal points. In the presence of heat, citric acid molecules will change, and will also strengthen its permeability. So in the heat of Bacillus and under the joint action of the citric acid solution, citric acid showed excellent killing effect of Bacillus.