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Medical disinfection ultrasonic couplant

Medical with disinfection ultrasound coupled agent greatly is better than traditional of general medical with coupled agent, it coupled sex good, and image clear; lubrication sex good, and using convenient; on probe no corrosion, and no injury; on human cavity road mucosa no stimulus, and no allergy, and no pollution, and and easy clear; while has traditional general medical with coupled agent by no of sterilization disinfection function, can fast effective to killing G+, and G-, and fungi and the virus, disease original microbial, on ultrasound probe and the human client parts has double disinfection role, Allowing ultrasound probes can meet the requirements of national laws and regulations

Good qualities: easy to use broad spectrum: special compound formulation fungicide, fast and efficient broad spectrum bactericidal safe: no corrosion on the ultrasound; no irritation or sensitization to human skin and mucosa, safety wide application range: suitable couplants ultrasonic examination and treatment of diverse specifications available: a variety of specifications adapted to different ultrasound diagnosis and treatment.