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Medical lubricant on rational application of medical equipment maintenance

Medical lubricant on the rational application of reusable medical equipment maintenance. Clean and dry after reasonable medical devices medical devices have very good with lubricant lubricant, rust, and antibacterial action. Results the rational use of oil can return to Rust prevention device, keep the instrument surfaces smooth and clean, bright, flexible joints and prolong the service life of the device, to save costs and ensure the sterilization effect. Conclusion the lubricant is the preventing recurrent medical equipment rust and rust protection, reduce hospital costs to prevent iatrogenic infection. Are the specifications for WS310.2.2009 disinfection and sterilization of medical equipment maintenance, paraffin and other non-water-soluble products should not be used and should choose a water soluble instrument lubricant as a lubricant. But its variety and quality requirements, corporate standards differ. Rational application of instrument lubricant in the process of cleaning and disinfection of medical devices, we have product features, functions, usage and other aspects of applying basic principles of medical equipment lubricants.