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Rust Remover in the important role of medical devices

Medical equipment is important in the medical procedures in the media are easy to wear, rust, rust Remover in the maintenance of medical devices in the played a good role. Compared to the traditional way of rust, rust remover to remove rust function at an appropriate temperature using better methods of Rust removal of appliance the best results can be achieved at the same time pay attention to the rust remover to replace time, as well as for their own protection to prevent an accident. Because many types of medical devices using high frequency, usually has the characteristics of high accuracy and price. Quality of cleaning of medical devices is an important part of controlling nosocomial infection, equipment rust after not only will seriously affect the sterilization effect, resulting in the spread of the disease, and the device will also reduce accuracy, easy early retirement, not conducive to the hospital management, and lower health care costs. In order to improve the quality of equipment cleaning, ensure medical safety, reduce spending on supplies, explore rust rust method of medical devices. Methods, selected by General rust for rust Remover method combined with ultrasonic cleaning method of experimental rust rust remover, Rust removal device separately, brightness of Visual devices, and determine the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. Results after routine descaling group sampled 40, qualified, 27, was 67.5%; test rust samples 60, qualified, 54, was 90%, rate there was a significant difference between the two groups (P0.01). Conclusion ultrasonic cleaning with rust Remover rust can be improved.