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Disinfectant Effective Short Term

  Disinfectant effective short term

  Disinfectant short and long, should be based on its disinfection effectiveness to determine, and the effectiveness of a large extent depends on the concentration. Obviously, most of the current business to determine the duration of disinfection, and not entirely based on the above principles, but rather "rather short, do not grow longer."

  Why the company will be equipped with 75% ethanol performance for 48 hours? There are many factors inside, one of the reasons is that many people think that "short term is a strict management of the performance", and some certification inspectors intentionally or unintentionally disinfectant to give a certain period of validity.

  I believe that the determination of disinfection efficiency is not as short as possible. There are related reports show that in a relatively sealed state, at a certain time limit, disinfectant concentration changes are not obvious, combined with its disinfection efficacy also exists a concentration span. Such as hand disinfection disinfectant, set a short period of validity, frequent replacement, not only increase the amount of ineffective work, the excess action itself also increase the chance of pollution, may also induce fraud, change the phenomenon and so on.

  As for the disinfectant effective in the end set how long more reasonable? Or to combine the specific circumstances of the enterprise. For the use of A / B-class disinfectant, must be sterilized filtration and other treatment, the duration can be relatively short. D-class area of the general disinfection, the disinfection of the service period can be appropriate elongation. On the basis of ensuring the cleanliness of the storage container, it is permissible to determine the duration of disinfectant for more than one week or more. Of course, the current practice of drug manufacturers generally, the preparation of disinfectants generally no more than a month. Disinfection agent duration is too long may also increase other aspects of pollution opportunities.