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The Main Use Of Household Disinfectant

  The main use of household disinfectant

  The main use of household disinfectants include: soaking, wiping, overturning, very few may also be used to spray and fumigation, and in addition to hand bottling disinfectant, the need for special sterilization equipment spray, the family is generally less used. The selection of these disinfection methods are often based on the nature and operability of disinfection to determine the object.


  Tableware, towels, wipes, clothing, small toys (can tolerate disinfectant) and so recommend the use of soaking disinfection.


  Door handles, desktops, washbasins, bath surfaces, toilet surfaces, etc. are recommended for wiping and disinfecting, and to ensure that the surface is visually recognizable and wiped.


  Vomit, diarrhea, body fluids, blood, etc. can be used to eliminate the use of sterile powder overtaking clean up.


  It is suitable for rapid disinfection of large area or items such as bathtub surface.


  Generally used for air disinfection, but to use the air disinfectant ordinary people difficult to buy, mainly including hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and chlorine dioxide, and in the course of the existence of a certain security risk, and therefore not Suggested use.