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Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Can Play A Cleaning Effect

Antibacterial hand sanitizer for your health escort

We will wash our hands in daily life when we will use soap, detergent, lotion lotion, etc., although they and antibacterial hand sanitizer can play the same cleaning effect, according to different requirements of hand washing, choose a different product.

Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer relative to other cleaning supplies, with a combination of both sterilization and protection of both hands of the effectiveness of our health life is more secure. Disposable antibacterial gel is used in the absence of water, suitable for travel or home use.

Our daily life contact with a large number of micro-organisms, most of the micro-organisms are non-pathogenic, but a few micro-organisms under certain conditions will be harmful to the human body and the environment, may cause skin infections, health hazards. So the skin clean, disinfection is particularly important, in line with the current market requirements, Shanghai Lan Fei developed - antibacterial hand sanitizer: it is both anti-bacterial disinfection, but also has a clean and moisturizing skin care of a sterile hand sanitizer to protect the skin from bacteria Pollution, reduce cross infection.

Anti - (bacteria) disinfection function

The use of antibacterial hand sanitizer surfactant, its advantages:

(1) to prevent the erosion of bacteria on the skin.

(2) does not pollute the environment.

(3) toxicology experiments show that it belongs to no acute and chronic compounds, no irritation to the skin and eyes.

(4) antibacterial hand sanitizer to kill and inhibit Gram-positive (Yin) bacteria, fungi and other quick effect.

(5) after use for a long time attached to the skin surface and play its role, and no stimulation of the skin.

(6) acid, alkali, organic solvents.