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Antibacterial Liquid Soap Instead Of The Traditional SOAP And Cleaning

Antibacterial wash liquid alternative traditional of SOAP for surgery wild skin clean of effect. method two group patients are Yu surgery day into operating room Qian for skin prepared, abdominal more hair who cut to incision around of hair to not effect surgery operation can, umbilical Department with pine fuel-efficient wipe to and acetate chlorine has been set tincture disinfection, then respectively with General SOAP and antibacterial wash liquid for skin clean, dry Hou take diameter 5cmx5cm no bacteria specifications Board, flat put Yu surgery wild surface, with no bacteria saline swab child in specifications Board within wipe 10 times, Will swab child into no bacteria tube in the sent bacteria room training 24h observation results. results antibacterial wash liquid group and SOAP group clean skin Hou bacteria training results compared differences has significantly sex (P0.05), but on patients surgery incision healing situation no obviously effect. conclusion antibacterial wash liquid instead of SOAP for surgical surgery Qian prepared skin can shortened prepared skin and surgery Zhijian of time, maximum to reduced prepared skin Hou skin of again pollution, reduced operation Hou incision infection opportunities.