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Application Of Disposable Pulse Cleaning

Disposable pulse irrigator for surgical wounds and wound wash, can effectively prevent the occurrence of infection, inflammation, reduced wound healing and so on. Applied orthopaedic, burn, thoracic and abdominal surgery, emergency, Gynecology. Especially suitable for complex cavity, cleaning of surfaces. Its salient features is that the instruments themselves might formed pulse flow and pressure adjustable according to need, automatic flushing at the same time, attract water and reducing pollution, creating clear view for single use, portable, the total weight is not more than 0.5 kg.

Disposable alternative to impulse washing pulse gun, Jinan Ying Connaught medical research and production of new irrigation systems. Products with core strengths--operation flush the system components: drive + disposable tubing (material).

Disposable pulse douche from the wide range, suitable for:

1. joint replacement

Disposable pulse flusher in the joint replacement, easy, complete removal of cancellous bone adhesion on particles of fat and reduce fat embolism after operation. Increase of bone cement and bone strength, reducing bone cement early loosening of the prosthesis.

2. urgent surgery, abdominal surgery, Burns, various types of orthopedic surgery

For surgical wounds and wound wash, debride infected tissue residues, debris, and surgery, you can shorten the time of debridement and reduce infection rates and surgical complications.

3. tumor surgery

Disposable pulse flusher in tumor surgery, can reduce the risk of tumor cells.

4. endoscopic surgery

Rinse in endoscopic surgery, surgery clear vision.