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Are You Right About Iodophor And Iodine?

Summer children a variety of activities, parents can not always staring, children prone to all kinds of trauma. Careless knock knocked on, a little small trauma is not worth to go to the hospital, home medicine chest standing iodophor, iodine came in handy. However, are used to trauma medicine, you know iodine and iodophor how to use it? Xiaobian come today to talk about the usage of iodine and iodophor.


As an iodine-containing disinfectant, iodophor has a good killing effect on bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa and spores. Can be used to deal with burns, frostbite, cutting injuries, abrasions, contusion and other general types of trauma.

Xiao Bian recommend small partners at home, prepared with a concentration of 0.5% iodophor, which combines the safety and effectiveness, can be safely used to disinfect children's skin, oral mucosa and vulvar genitalia and other sensitive parts.

The use of iodine Note:

1, a small number of people may be allergic to iodophor, smear the site there is swelling, rash and itching, should stop using iodophor, scrub with saline or go to the hospital;

2, iodophyllum can not get into the eyes, facial disinfection should be to protect both eyes, once into the eyes immediately after rinse with plenty of water to the hospital;

3, for the wounds that have been disinfected with "Mercury" can no longer use iodine.


Iodine is iodine, potassium iodide and ethanol. External use for skin disinfection, but should use 75% alcohol for deiodination, or else it will burn the skin.

Iodine use the precautions:

1, can not use iodine in a large area, to prevent iodine poisoning caused by iodine poisoning;

2, generally not used in the occurrence of ulcerated skin;

3, iodine allergy, top coat can cause allergies, occasional fever and systemic rash, iodine allergy disabled;

4, iodine should not be used with mercury (commonly known as red syrup) at the same time, so as to avoid mercury iodide and corrosion of the skin;

5, used with caution.

Although Iodine and iodophor only a word of difference, but you have to clearly distinguish between small partners. Really can not tell, we must look at the "ingredients" column that there is alcohol, there is a great stimulating alcohol, the wound sprinkled with wine than the wound on the salt but also pain! So Xiaobian suggest that you use small partners at home with iodine best, without iodine. After all, do you want your baby to be disinfected, let the baby hurt do not want it?