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China's Medical Instruments Into The Rapid Development Period

  China's Medical Instruments into the rapid development period

  As we all know, medical machinery and equipment in changing the level of people's livelihood with an important role in the state in this area has been increasing investment. But also brought the medical device into the rapid development period, especially with the policy of good and grassroots medical market gradually being excavated.

  In recent years, Medical Instruments China's medical electronic equipment market size and growth rate can be seen its development trend. In 2009, China's medical electronic instrument market size was ¹68.6 billion yuan, with a growth rate of ¹.5.6%. The market size was ¹95.6 billion yuan, the growth rate was ¹5.5%, and ²7 ² .5 billion, the growth rate of ¹ 9.5%.

  The industry estimates that China's medical electronic equipment in ²0¹³ annual market size reached ³165 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of¹¹¹¹¹%, Medical Instruments and will remain in the next three years, high growth.

  In the first quarter of 2009, its electrocardiogram and other electrograms accounted for the largest market share of ²5.²%, followed by noninvasive monitoring equipment, accounting for ²¹.9% market share; heart and brain eye treatment emergency device occupied ¹8.³ % Market share, Medical Instruments the electronic pressure measuring device is ¹6.²%, the blood flow capacity measuring device is 6.8%, the other is ¹¹.6%.

  It is understood that China's medical electronic equipment market segments, can be divided into ECG and other electrograms, non-invasive monitoring equipment, heart and brain muscle treatment of emergency devices, Medical Instruments electronic pressure measurement device, blood flow capacity measurement device, Broad, broad prospects for the market promising