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Disinfectant To Achieve The Purpose Of Controlling Infectious Diseases

Disinfectants are also commonly referred to as chemical disinfectants. Disinfectant used to kill the pathogen on the media, to achieve harmless requirements, the pathogenic microorganisms eliminated from the human body, cut off the transmission of infectious diseases, to control the purpose of infectious diseases. Disinfectant in accordance with the level of its role can be divided into sterilizers, highly effective disinfectant, in the disinfectant, inefficient disinfectant.

Role and use

It is a strong oxidizing agent, can kill all microorganisms, the virus, bacteria, fungi and spores can quickly kill, can be widely used in a variety of equipment and environmental disinfection. 0.2% solution for 10 minutes to achieve the basic purpose of sterilization. For air, environmental disinfection, prevention of disinfection.

Usage and usage

1. Wash hands with 0.2% ~ 0.5% solution for 2 minutes.

2. Plastic, glass products in 0.2% solution for 2 hours. 3 ground, furniture, etc. to 0.5% solution spray.

be careful

1. "liquid" irritation, corrosive strong, not directly by hand contact.

2. Corrosive to metal, not for the disinfection of metal equipment.

3. "stock solution" storage can be decomposed, pay attention to the validity period, should be stored in plastic barrels, cool dark place, away from the olefinic material.

In the use of disinfectant process, must be used in strict accordance with the instructions. As the disinfectant itself is a dangerous goods, it can not be used too much. Such as peroxyacetic acid is a strong oxidant, a variety of micro-organisms are very sensitive to all microorganisms can kill. But because of its strong oxidizing ability, high concentrations can be stimulated, damage to skin and mucous membranes, corrosive items. At the same time, a large number of long-term use of disinfectants, sterilizers, will produce microbial resistance, sterilization effect is greatly reduced.

Daily life commonly used disinfectants are chlorine disinfectant, such as the well-known 84 disinfectant, this product can be bought in the supermarket, can be used to disinfect tableware, tables and chairs, toilet ware and other items. Under normal circumstances, the room air without the use of specialized disinfectant disinfection, ventilation is to ensure that the room air quality of the important measures. Do need to use disinfectant for sterilization, disinfection can choose a certain concentration of peracetic acid or hydrogen peroxide spray disinfection, can also choose ozone air disinfection machine, but also ventilation after disinfection.

Before the use of disinfectants, must be completely clear the environment of organic matter, such as feces, feed residues, livestock and poultry secretions, body surface off, as well as murine manure, sewage or other dirt. Because these organisms contain a large number of pathogenic microorganisms; this will consume or neutralize the active ingredients of disinfectants, seriously reducing the concentration of action on pathogenic microorganisms.