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Disinfectant Use Of Ten Errors

Disinfectant use of ten errors

Disinfection work is a very important measure for the farm to do the work of epidemic prevention, but also a systematic technical work, through disinfection, can kill and inhibit the field of pathogenic microbial transmission purposes. But the actual work, a considerable part of the farm is still not enough attention to disinfection, lack of understanding, in the process of disinfection work is often rough, anxious, there are some errors. There are:

First, the disinfectant ratio is not accurate. In the production process, due to the arbitrariness of the staff, in the preparation of the disinfectant process does not take the weighing or the use of a fixed volume of the container, often by feeling, resulting in the ratio is not accurate, the concentration of disinfectant prepared High and low, affecting the use of results.

Second, disinfectant and disinfection methods to choose improper. In the selection of disinfectant should be based on the object of disinfection, the purpose and type of disease prevention to choose the appropriate disinfectant and disinfection methods. In the actual production, many farms because of the staff is not enough attention or low level of technical knowledge, blindly choose disinfectant and disinfection methods, no means, what other people I use what, how others how I use, rarely combined with their own The situation seriously consider the use of disinfectant and disinfection methods are scientific and reasonable.

Third, disinfection is not in place, not completely. Farm staff in the disinfection process is not standardized, unscientific, such as disinfection too fast, spray uneven, do not take the spray, the scope of disinfection does not cover the whole space of the shed, so that both environmental disinfection Or with livestock and poultry disinfection is easy to leave dead ends, can not fully play the role of disinfection.

Fourth, disinfection is not synchronized. Whether it is environmental disinfection or livestock and poultry disinfection, should be as far as possible within a fairly fixed time range. For a larger farm, the disinfection of the audience in about a few hours to complete. Therefore, in the disinfection process, the livestock and poultry breeding workshop should also be the end of the same time, can play a good role in disinfection; otherwise, the pathogen is likely to spread or spread, to the field of safe production pose a threat.

Fifth, can not thoroughly implement and implement the disinfection system and procedures. Farms in the production process, did not develop a scientific and reasonable disinfection system and disinfection procedures, or because the staff is not in place, resulting in not thoroughly implement and implement the disinfection system and disinfection procedures, to the safe production of farms hidden.

Sixth, the flow of people, logistics, traffic disinfection is not in place. For large-scale pig farms, the general use of closed management system, but the production practice can not be completely completely closed, how the flow of people, logistics, traffic is completely disinfected is a farm to face The real problem. If this work is not in place, it will be the biggest security risk of farms.

Seven, UV lamp, disinfection pool and other use is not sufficient. Many large-scale farms are equipped with UV disinfection lamps, vehicle disinfection tanks and staff disinfection feet, etc., but in the actual operation of the process often appear as disinfectant disinfectant concentration is not enough, from time to time to replace the disinfectant, disinfectant disinfectant Clean, the staff do not go sterile pool, do not open the UV lamp, UV light irradiation time is not enough and so on; this phenomenon if not put an end, the farm is inevitable.

Eight, long-term use of a disinfectant, the replacement is not timely. Different disinfectant on the different pathogens to kill different effects, with a disinfectant with the extension of time or use of the extension of time, the disinfection will gradually decline, so should avoid long-term use of the same disinfectant, disinfectant to regular, Timely replacement, choose several kinds of disinfectant alternately. This can reduce the pathogen in the disinfection of blind spots, so that the field as much as possible pathogenic microorganisms were killed or inhibited.

Nine, before the disinfection of the work of misunderstanding. The thorough and thorough cleaning of the farm before the disinfection has become a basic common sense in the prevention and control of the farm, but before cleaning, the use of appropriate disinfectant spray, including feces and litter, including the whole house is very easy to be a lot of farms Ignore. Without spraying disinfection of livestock and poultry manure, litter, etc. were swept out of the barn, if not timely processing is easy to become a long-term survival of various sources of the source of the disease, to the farm to bring the risk of disease. Therefore, before cleaning the whole sprinkler of disinfectant is also the entire disinfection work in a pre-necessary content.

10, the misunderstanding of drinking water. Disinfectant instructions used in drinking water disinfection is the disinfection of drinking water, refers to the disinfectant to kill the water in the micro-organisms, so as to achieve the purpose of purification of microorganisms in drinking water. And some farmers believe that drinking water disinfection is to kill and control the consumption of bacteria and insects within the body of micro-organisms, can play a role in the control and prevention of the disease, thus forming a misunderstanding of drinking water, and some users long-term use, and even blindly The concentration of disinfectant, direct consumption of livestock and poultry, resulting in livestock and poultry gastrointestinal mucosal injury, intestinal flora balance disorders and other unnecessary trouble.