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Hand Sanitizer Whether It Can Be Used

Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as FDA) issued a ban order, 19 kinds of chemical substances were blacklisted, antibacterial bath products such as antibacterial soap, antibacterial hand sanitizer, antibacterial shower gel, etc., as long as one of them Material must be shelved.

The reason is that these products in the prevention of diseases and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, better than ordinary toiletries, long-term use may also be harmful.

This is about 40% of the US market for antibacterial bath products have been seeded, including our well-known Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate, Dropping, Zizi and so on. See here, these products have my family ah, Americans do not let it, then we can use it? Why are these products harmful ah?

Trichlorocarb, triclosan is suspected to be carcinogenic

The ban on the 19 chemicals that are added to the bath products have the effect of killing and inhibiting microbial growth, but the FDA now finds that they may be detrimental to human health.

Of these 19 chemical substances, some are currently available in the country, such as the more common triclosan and trichlorocarb, but are severely restricted for dosages. The science community has been eyeing them a few years ago, suspect that they will interfere with the body's endocrine system, and even cancer.

Skin resistance, do not have to see "three" discoloration

But we do not have to worry too much about their current health, first of all official on the trichlorocarban, triclosan product use dose has strict rules.

Secondly, our toiletries are used only on the skin surface. Our skin has its own set of immune mechanisms that will effectively isolate harmful substances. Not to mention these bath products will eventually be washed with water, will not be long to stay on the skin.

Therefore, the use of these products pro, small heart do not bounce.

Can you kill 99% of the bacteria bath products? Scrutiny

We should have seen antibacterial bath products advertising, and some even advertised to kill 99% of their bacteria, and can control the growth of bacteria. So that these antibacterial bath can achieve alcohol sterilization capacity? The Every day to the body who can not get alcohol? The

In fact, a few years ago, health experts questioned that so effective, please come up with scientific evidence. If you really prove to be effective, will you be able to cultivate "super bacteria" (bacteria that are immune to all antibiotics) like abuse of antibiotics?

And the body surface of the bacterial flora is varied, that is the presence of normal flora on the human body has a protective effect, once destroyed but will make the skin becomes fragile, prone to eczema, skin allergies and so on. Therefore, the FDA team will urge to weigh the pros and cons of sterilization soap and similar products.