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Household Disinfectant Use Doorway

  Household disinfectant use doorway

  How to use household disinfectants correctly?

  First make sure that the disinfectant is within the shelf life, because expired disinfectants may fail. Second, most of the household disinfectant is required to be diluted before use, should be strictly in accordance with the product manual preparation, advocate on-demand preparation, is now with the current use. Because the disinfectant is in the activated state after dilution, it is easy to break down, put a long time will lose the effect.

  To ensure that the disinfectant in the effective period of use, the election on the use of methods can not be ignored.


  Tableware, towels, wipes, clothing, small toys (can tolerate disinfectant) and so recommend the use of soaking disinfection.


  Door handles, desktop, washbasin, bath surface, toilet outer surface, etc., it is recommended to use wiping disinfection, and to ensure that the surface after the existence of these parts of the visible wet state.


  Vomit, diarrhea, body fluids, blood, etc., you can use the sterile powder overturned absorption and then clean up.


  Applicable to the bath surface and other large area or items of rapid cleaning and disinfection.


  Generally used for air disinfection, the general public is difficult to buy, mainly including hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and chlorine dioxide, and the use of the process there are some security risks, it is not recommended.

  In the specific application process, it should be noted that the risk of pathogenic microorganisms on the human body is a potential hazard, disinfectant harm to the human body is real. Even in the inefficient disinfectant, can also cause irritation and allergic reactions, so in the disinfection operations, be sure to do the appropriate personal protection. You can wear latex or nitrile material gloves, waterproof apron (also wear a sleeved raincoat instead), wearing a mask, etc., conditional also can consider wearing goggles to reduce unnecessary contact.

  Do not forget to rinse or wipe with water to remove the disinfectant in the disinfectant products and disinfection by-products, so as to avoid damage to the goods or damage to people.