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How Should Food Disinfectants Be Used?

How should food disinfectants be used?

At present, the state increasingly pay attention to food safety and production, some food companies for the use and selection of food disinfectants have become more cautious, choose those disinfectants to meet their own food standards, but also to meet the requirements of national laws and regulations meet the food level, Is an important consideration for an enterprise.

Chlorine dioxide because of its sterilization ability, the human body and animals are not harmful and the environment does not cause secondary pollution and other characteristics of the people of all ages. Chlorine dioxide is not only a carcinogen does not produce broad-spectrum environment-friendly sterilization, but also sterilization, food preservation, deodorization and other aspects of the show a significant effect.

A large number of experimental studies abroad show that chlorine dioxide is a safe, non-toxic disinfectant, no "three" effect (carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic), while in the disinfection process does not occur with the organic reaction of chlorinated Produce "triadical" organic chlorides or other toxic substances. However, because chlorine dioxide has a strong oxidizing capacity, should be avoided at high concentrations (> 500ppm) use. When the concentration of less than 500ppm, its impact on the human body can be ignored, 100ppm below the human body will not have any impact, including physiological and biochemical aspects of the impact. There is no sensitization to the skin. In fact, the conventional use of chlorine dioxide concentration is much lower than 500ppm, generally only in the tens of ppm or so. Therefore, chlorine dioxide has also been internationally recognized as a safe, non-toxic green disinfectant.

Goldfish toxicity test and mouse toxicity test to get two results: a.ClO2 safe concentration of 0.75m g / 1, b. By the mouse acute oral toxicity test, ClO2 is the actual non-toxic water treatment agent.

Acute toxicity test, the maximum irrigation dose of 10000mg / kg stability of chlorine dioxide, the mice still no obvious symptoms of poisoning, diet and activities were normal. During the course of the test, none of the animals in each group had a death table. Calculated, the oral LD50> 10000mg / kg.

Acute skin irritation, observation showed that after removal of drugs 1 to 48 hours, the skin of the rabbit back to the skin did not appear erythema and edema and other symptoms, the reaction points are 0.

Acute eye mucosal irritation, to the rabbit conjunctival sac drop concentration of 9.7 ~ 11.4mg / L stability of chlorine dioxide solution for 5s, rinse with saline. Rabbit conjunctival blood vessels within 6h mild congestion, the symptoms disappeared to 24 hours, the symptoms completely disappeared 48h. Rabbit 48h eye irritation score of 0, is a non-irritating substance.

Chlorine dioxide disinfectant is a national food disinfection of raw materials, can be used for food processing and production of disinfection. Therefore, the choice of qualified formal business is the minimum security guarantee.