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How To Buy Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer?

So, for different effects of hand Sanitizer, purchase should note the following points:

1. three types of hand Sanitizer from the appearance point of view are very similar, almost no difference, but by looking at the product labels health permit number and instructions are easy to distinguish the three. Ordinary hand-washing solution identified by cosmetics manufacturers health permit numbers, "Wei makeup side effect: unknown", two other hand Sanitizer is marked with a sterilized hygiene license number the product manufacturer, "Wei Xiao syndrome".

2. the logo is complete, if there is no name and address, in particular, to pay attention to whether there is a standard number. Although currently there is no uniform national standards for liquid soap, but the State does not allow scaling production, so the manufacturers to draw up enterprise standards and enterprise standards indicated on the packaging, in order to ensure product quality.

3. takes note of the washing liquid itself, smell the smell, acrid odor-free. If you may have a shelf or is used to disable raw materials, it is best not to buy and use.

4. the observation there is no layering or oil-water separation, emulsion technology if it indicates that the production process is not controlled, will affect the washing results.

5. no matter what kind of hand Sanitizer, preferably within the validity period runs out, especially regular hand-washing liquid, if used for too long, hand Sanitizer germ in itself, leading to wash their hands "wash the dirty".