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How To Properly Use Disinfectant In Summer Families

  How to properly use disinfectant in summer families

  Summer is a high incidence of disease and bacterial infection, so this season, we often do a job is disinfection, especially in some public places, disinfectant what kind of disinfectant can play a disinfectant, and will not bring to people What about injury? There are so many kinds of disinfectant and their use, professional manufacturers for everyone to introduce.

  The first, peracetic acid, when it is disinfected, it should be diluted to 0.2% -0.5% of the solution after the spray in the public places with a sprayer, it is best not to exceed this concentration, or will damage to public places Of the carpet, doors and windows, clothing and the body's respiratory system.

  Sealed room disinfection work generally use fumigation method for disinfection, but after disinfection should be ventilated for more than half an hour, so that some items are caused by peracetic acid corrosion.

  The second, to Su water (to Su water for the cresol soap solution for hand, equipment, environmental disinfection and disposal of excreta), disinfectant in the use of it for disinfection, it should be configured with water 1% -5% Of the solution, and then the clothes, sheets, etc. so immersed in 30-60 minutes, then washed with water. If it is indoor furniture, disinfectant toilet, etc. can be 1% -3% of the solution to wipe it. Opponents of the disinfection, you can soak the hands in 2% of the solution, soak for about two minutes, and then clean with water, if the future Su water and soap or detergent used together, the Soviet Union to kill the water will drop The