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Medical Consumables Common Classification

Medical Consumables generally include:

Disposable medical bags disposable medical catheter wound dressings, protective materials medical tape, stickers medical gauze, medical bandages, orthopedic splint medical disinfection tablets, medical sponge injection and infusion device puncture needle, biopsy needle indwelling needle medical suture materials and equipment blood , Transfusion equipment operating room protection isolation hygiene products involved in radiography equipment other medical polymer materials.

Disposable medical package:

1. production package 2. catheter package 3. surgical package 4. central venous catheter package 5. hemodialysis catheter package 6. puncture bag 7. dressing bag, prepared bag 8. oral care package 9. tracheal tube package, suction Pack 10. tube pack, seepage material package 11. enema bag, first aid kit.

Disposable medical catheters:

1. catheter 2. drainage tube 3. endotracheal intubation, catheter series 4. gastric tube 5. central venous catheter 6. nasal feeding tube, anal canal 7. other disposable medical catheter.

Wound dressings, frontal materials:

1. Band-Aid 2. Bio-dressing 3. Transparent dressing 4. Self-adhesive wound dressing 5. Baby umbilical dressing 6. Youge wound dressing 7. Germany LR wound dressing 8. Germany HARTMANN wound dressing 9. Other medical polymer dressings.

Medical tape, stickers:

1. Surgical tape 2. breathable tape 3. infusion paste 4. indwelling needle stickers

Medical gauze, medical bandage, orthopedic splint:

1. Medical gauze 2. Elastic bandage 3. Self-adhesive bandage 4. Ribbon, pressure socks 5. Gypsum bandage 6. Orthopedic polymer orthopedic synthetic bandage 7. Prefabricated gypsum plywood 8. Polymeric glass fiber splint.

Medical disinfection tablets, medical sponge:

1. Medical sponge 2. Alcohol cotton, cotton swab 3. Podophyllum disinfection cotton, cotton swab 4. Medical cotton products.

Injection and infusion equipment:

1. Injection needle, infusion needle 2. Disposable syringe 3. Insulin syringe 4. Infusion device 5. No needle syringe 6. Injection, infusion accessories 7. Disposable use of infusion pump.

Puncture needle, biopsy needle:

1. One-time anesthesia needle 2. Contrast and drainage equipment 3. Minimally invasive surgery and anesthesia equipment 4. Bone marrow and visceral biopsy needle.


1. arteriovenous indwelling needle 2. scalp indwelling needle.

Medical suture materials and equipment:

1.PGA can absorb medical sutures 2.PGLA can absorb medical sutures 3. Medical silk suture line 4. Medical polypropylene suture line 5. Medical polyamide suture line 6. Medical polyester suture line 7.PVDF medical suture line 8 .PET medical suture 9. medical stainless steel wire 10. medical suture needle 11. skin stapler 12. free tape.

Blood collection equipment

1. Laser blood collection device 2. Disposable blood transfusion apparatus 3. Hemodialysis catheter 4. Blood collection needle.

Operating room protection isolation health supplies:

1. incontinence care products 2. surgical towel 3. surgical bedspreads, bed sheets, mats class 4. surgical protection supplies 5. medical masks 6. medical gloves 7. medical caps, shoe covers 8. isolation clothing, protective clothing, surgical clothing 9 Sterile protective cover.

Interventional radiography equipment:

1. Piercing sheath 2. Cardiac intervention, radiography series accessories.

Other medical polymer materials:

1. Drainage bottle, drainage bag 2. Commonly used medical supplies.