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Medical Device Cleaning Agent Including Which

What kind of medical device cleaning agents?

Medical device cleaning agent April 1, 2009, the Ministry of Health promulgated the "hospital disinfection supply center management practices" clearly pointed out that the medical device cleaning agents include: alkaline cleaning agents, neutral cleaning agents, acid cleaners.

Alkaline cleaning agent should be pH> = 7.5, a variety of organic matter have a good effect on the metal corrosion is small, will not speed up the phenomenon of rust. Neutral cleaners should be between 6.5 and 7.5, no corrosion to metal. Acid detergent should be pH <= 6.5, the inorganic solid particles have a good dissolution and removal of metal products on the corrosive. Enzyme cleanser refers to the enzyme-containing cleaning agent, has a strong decontamination ability, can quickly decompose protein and other organic pollutants.

Medical device cleaning agent Alkaline

Alkaline cleaners have a strong ability to remove grease and grease. It is not suitable for plastic products, rubber, soft endoscopy, high-precision surgical instruments containing soft metal (gold, silver, copper, iron and aluminum) ). Alkaline cleaners are corrosive to metals (which can be removed by free iron ions on stainless steel equipment after cleaning), but the amount of iron ions that are taken away is thousands of times to be visible.

Medical device cleaning agent neutral

Neutral detergent mainly in the same place, under the same conditions and conditions, its cleaning effect is not as good as other cleaning agents, neutral detergent for all medical supplies, including plastic products, soft endoscopy, with soft metal (Gold, silver, copper, iron and aluminum) of the high precision micro-surgical instruments. Neutral and alkaline detergents can also be used as a pre-foam moisturizing solution, the effect is better than the use of multi-enzyme cleaner as a moisturizer (soaking time> 24 h), for dry contaminants, neutral and alkaline cleaning In the proportion of dilution after spraying in the contaminated parts or directly immersed in the device for a few minutes, then enter the cleaning step.

Medical device cleaning agent Acidic

Acid cleaner is what we usually say that the rust, detergents, pH <6.5, the inorganic solid particles (rust stains, scale) have a good dissolution and removal. Although it is possible to remove inorganic solid particles by physical methods such as sandpaper, wire balls, and decontamination powder, this method severely damages the metal surface coating of the instrument, causing irreversible permanent damage and will Rust speed, and acid detergent with rust stains, scale chemical reaction, so that insoluble in water rust stains, scale into water-soluble substances, the damage to metal equipment is much smaller than the physical method.