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Medical Instruments Classification And Role

Medical devices refer to instruments, equipment, utensils, in vitro diagnostic reagents and calibrators, materials, and other similar or related items that are used directly or indirectly for the human body, including the required computer software; their utility is obtained primarily by physical means, In the form of pharmacology, immunology, or metabolism, or, although in a manner that participates in, but only for the purpose of the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or remission of the disease; diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, remission or function of the injury Compensation, or support; maintenance of pregnancy; maintenance of pregnancy by means of inspection of samples from the human body, for medical or diagnostic purposes to provide information.

Home care equipment: pain massage equipment, home health self-testing equipment, blood pressure monitor, electronic thermometer, multi-function treatment instrument, laser treatment instrument, blood glucose meter, diabetes treatment instrument, vision improvement equipment, sleep improvement equipment, oral health supplies, Massage pads; massage cushions; massage belt; blood circulation machine; foot tub; foot massage; hand-held massage, massage, massage, massage, massage, massage, Massage pads, massage belts, massage belts, therapeutic apparatus, sole physiotherapy instrument, weight loss belts, car cushion, kneading mats, massage chairs, breasts, beauty massage,

Home medical rehabilitation equipment: home cervical lumbar traction, traction chairs, physical therapy equipment, sleep instrument, massage instrument, function chairs, functional bed, support, medical inflatable air cushion; oxygen machine, decoction, hearing aids

Home care equipment: home rehabilitation care aids, women during pregnancy and baby care products, home use to provide gas transmission equipment; oxygen bottles, oxygen bags, family emergency medicine boxes, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, nursing bed

Hospital commonly used medical equipment: trauma handling vehicles, surgical beds, surgical lights, monitors, anesthesia machines, ventilators, blood cell analyzer, differentiation analyzer, microplate reader, washing machine, urine analyzer, , B super), X-ray machine, nuclear magnetic resonance and so on

New medical equipment

With the development of science and technology, some of the scientific and technological achievements of some institutions have also quickly transformed the results.Many new field production of patented products also appear in the market, including some household and hospital commonly used equipment such as medical trauma disposal vehicles.