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Medical Instruments Directly Or Indirectly For The Body Of The Instrument

Medical devices refer to instruments, equipment, utensils, in vitro diagnostic reagents and calibrators, materials, and other similar or related items that are used directly or indirectly for the human body, including the required computer software; the utility of which is obtained primarily by physical means, In the form of pharmacology, immunology, or metabolism, or, although in a manner that participates in, but only for the purpose of the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or remission of the disease; diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, remission or function of the injury Compensation, or support; maintenance of pregnancy; maintenance of pregnancy by means of inspection of samples from the human body, for medical or diagnostic purposes to provide information.

Medical equipment industry related to medicine, machinery, electronics, plastics and other industries, is a multi-disciplinary cross, knowledge-intensive, capital-intensive high-tech industries. The basic characteristics of high-tech medical equipment is digital and computerized, is a multi-disciplinary, cross-field of modern high-tech crystallization, the product of high technological content, high profits, which is the big technology, international large companies competing high ground, Intervention threshold is higher. Even in the industry as a whole gross margin is low, the investment is not high sub-sectors will continue to have high-tech products appear, and from the birth of some of the strong profitability of enterprises. So the overall trend of the industry is high input, high yield.

Medical imaging equipment is an indispensable part of hospital medical equipment, but also an important manifestation of hospital comprehensive strength, not only for clinical diagnosis and treatment to provide important protection, while providing an important platform for clinical scientific research. Image equipment as a comprehensive platform for the development of the hospital plays an important role in promoting.

With the development of China's medical undertakings and the upgrading of some hospital equipment, the market demand for medical imaging diagnostic equipment in China has increased dramatically. The development of China's medical imaging diagnostic equipment has been objectively promoted. In the process of rapid development, some enterprises continue to develop Growth and growth, the formation of a certain degree of competitiveness, domestic production of medical imaging diagnostic equipment market share has increased.

National health care institutions, medical equipment, about 15% are around the 20th century, 70 years of products, 60% of the 20th century, the mid-80s before the product, they are the process of upgrading a demand release process to ensure that The next 10 years or even longer period of time the rapid growth of China's medical device market. With the deepening of reform and opening up, national support efforts continue to increase and accelerate the process of global integration, China's medical device industry is the rapid development.

With the continuous innovation of the wearable equipment and the extension of the coverage, the entire medical industry, the application of technology development is also accelerating, has now become the most promising areas of wearable equipment. Zhuhai Weikang technology as a pioneer in the application of wearable equipment to the medical industry, the official release of the professional medical products can wear smart thermometer - "child care treasure", positioning and infants and young children with continuous body temperature testing, so that the traditional medical device industry ushered A new breakthrough.

As we all know, the most common traditional temperature measurement equipment, generally mercury thermometer. But for infants and young children, mercury thermometer deficiencies can not be underestimated. Mercury thermometer measurement time is generally about fifteen minutes, which means that parents must ensure that the child in fifteen minutes of the perfect match and safe use, because once the mercury thermometer was damaged, the mercury will be caused by large infants and young children Of the body damage, which is wearable equipment in the field of infant temperature measurement applications, providing a huge market needs basis. Therefore, "child care treasure" once listed, it becomes the object of many parents choose to become a wearable equipment used in the medical field success stories.