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Medical Lubricant There Is No Harm To The Human Body?

Generally speaking, the lubricants include medical paraffin, Vaseline medical Glycerin and medical. Which, medical with glycerol total by known of moisturizing agent, cheap, wide by praise, can as medical with solvent, and lubricant, and organic synthesis, and cosmetics, and skin care, using; medical with paraffin oil is mineral oil, in intestinal within not was Digest, absorption very less, on wall and stool up lubrication role, and can block intestinal within water absorption, softening stool, makes of easily discharge; medical with Vaseline is a mineral wax, has moisturizing, and bleeding, and nursing lip, and slow Burns pain, and prevention diaper rash, and skin care, and rust, and lubrication, and fill cracks, and rust, and Lubrication and other effects.

In view of this, medical lubricant is used in human bodies, is carried out in accordance with the relevant national standards, test marketed product, therefore, is almost harmless to the human body.

In real life, there are a lot of people will think, medical lubricant can be use as a body oil. In fact, despite the lubricating effect of lubricating oils for medical use, no harm to the human body, but because it is based on medical standards in manufacturing production, rather than the human body lubricants standard, therefore, is not the effect of human body lubricants, but also very unsafe and science.

Lubricant pH value is the human body and the human body is very close to the vaginal environment and characteristics are smooth and without residue, is not available to the body's natural secretion of lubricating oil. Thus, lubricant lubricants for medical use consumers cannot be used as the human body, should choose some formal professional manufacturers of human body lubricants, thereby improving the quality of life.