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Multi-enzyme Cleaning Fluid To Heat The

Pyrogen test understanding of multi-enzyme cleaning fluid to effect. Method using a glass syringe after 40 were randomly divided into two groups; group multi-enzyme cleaning solution soak 30min 1:200. Control group with 1% three-way heat original inactivators soak 1h; two sets of temperature is 30 degrees the same routine pyrogen testing samples after cleaning. Thermal testing results negative results 88%, pyrogen test with negative results in the control group 90%, P005, enzyme detergent to heat the original effects and three-way heat no significant difference compared to the original inactivating agent. Conclusion multi-enzyme cleaning fluid to heat the original, may be related to how enzymes break down protein, fat, and sugar-related, a pyrogen is a metabolite of gram negative bacteria, it is a lipopolysaccharide which can be broken down by enzymes in the concentration, temperature, and attention in the process of using personal protective