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Natural Soap And The Difference Between Laundry Liquid

What is the difference between natural soap and laundry liquid?

The difference between natural soap and laundry liquid

Listen to a lot of people say natural soap, so what is the natural soap in the end it? What is the difference between it and the laundry, what is the difference between it and the soap? We will be announced for everyone.

What is natural soap?

In fact, natural soap is a new type of laundry washing products, laundry soap and laundry liquid is a strong combination, both with the natural soapy soap mild, low bubble easy to bleach characteristics, but also with deep wash detergent, strong permeability Features.

So what is the working principle of natural soap?

Working principle and ordinary laundry liquid, laundry soap is similar to the active ingredients are surfactants. But the natural soap contains natural cleansing ingredients, strong detergency, low irritation to the skin, and the protection of the fabric, washed clothes without the use of softener on the fluffy soft, to solve a number of post-washing fabric dirt accumulation, hardening, Static and other issues. Mother selected natural soap solution, its active ingredients extracted from natural chamomile, do not hurt clothing, care of both hands.

Natural soap What is the difference with the laundry?

The laundry liquid is mainly composed of water, surfactant, detergent, aroma and so on. It is easy to use and easy to dissolve. It is suitable for hand washing or machine washing. It is a kind of laundry detergent which is developing rapidly on the market. Compared to the washing liquid, natural soap washing performance is better, generally known as the upgraded version of the laundry solution.

Natural soap What is the difference with soap?

Many consumers will usually misunderstand the natural soap soap soap, in fact, natural soap and laundry soap is not just the form of the difference in the production process is also very different. 100% of the starting material of the natural soap comes from the regenerable plant soap, and the starting material of the laundry soap is also soap, but mostly from industrial production. Compared to laundry soap, mothers choose natural soap liquid foam is more delicate and easier to clean.

Ordinary detergent is the main component of sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate and sodium tripolyphosphate to petrochemical products as raw materials, generally weak alkaline. The stronger the alkaline, the better the decontamination effect, but the greater the damage to the clothing. With ordinary washing powder after washing clothes were alkaline, and infants and young children's skin is weak acid, pH = 5.5, so the baby's skin will cause adverse stimuli. In addition, the detergent is mainly to rely on phosphorus to clean the stains, and phosphorus on the baby's body harmful, a phosphorus ion can take two calcium ions, it is dry skin and even molting. Washing clothes washed with more or less there will be a little residue, which will cause a greater impact on the baby's skin. Washing liquid cleaning ability is relatively strong, more suitable for washing collar, cuffs and clothing dead ends. As the laundry liquid texture for the liquid, therefore, more suitable for machine wash. Machine laundry is easy to damage the clothes, while there is the possibility of causing the clothes to re-pollute, so the baby's clothing hand wash better. And some of the laundry solution will add suppository ingredients, and contains fragrance pigment, the baby's skin will cause damage. Relative to the laundry soap and laundry liquid, the baby for laundry soap because of its mild texture, good cleaning effect, hand wash and other characteristics, more suitable for cleaning infant clothing. HMG's new U-ZA cucumber laundry soap and soy soap soap let me appreciate the charm of high-quality baby care products from South Korea. Fully let me feel the natural safety, efficient cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, mild skin care, no residual characteristics.