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Patient On The Disinfectant Allergy, Skin Test How To Do?

  Patient on the disinfectant allergy, skin test how to do?

  Disinfectant allergy and skin test allergy range and shape of different, can be judged by observation. Disinfectant allergy, the scope of the wiping all the flush but the skin will not pimps, itching is not much; skin test allergies, the skin hills local uplift, and flush, lumps, or flush around the pseudopodia, itch sense.

  For the need to observe the skin test results of intradermal injection, clinical use of more choice of colorless alcohol. For intradermal injection of disinfection methods, "basic nursing" teaching materials clearly pointed out: intradermal injection should use 75% alcohol disinfection of the skin, hanged iodine disinfection, so as not to affect the observation of local reactions. If the patient on weekdays without alcohol allergy, alcohol disinfection after the occurrence of false positive symptoms, should use saline in the other arm of another patient to make a reference to the reference, to identify whether the "false positive" symptoms.

  Traditional skin test disinfection method shortcomings, mainly because of alcohol on the skin have a certain irritation, and some patients sensitive to skin disinfection wait time is not enough, alcohol is not completely volatile, skin test after local skin telangiectasia congestion, increased permeability , Flush, pimple increased, prone to illusion, affect the results of skin test to determine the increase in false positive.

  For the shortcomings of ethanol, some researchers suggested that 0.1% benzalkonium bromide, 0.5% glutaraldehyde can be used. But because any disinfectant is likely to cause contact dermatitis or allergies to affect the observation of penicillin skin test. Researchers have suggested that the use of saline or non-sterilization instead of ethanol for skin test disinfection, due to saline or non-toxic non-toxic non-allergic risk.

  In clinical work with saline instead of 75% alcohol. Saline in the skin before the test on the local skin wipe, although not play the role of disinfection, but it can achieve the purpose of cleaning, and skin test with a disposable sterile needle, only piercing the skin, only into the tip Slope, shallow wound, do not have the infection conditions. Skin test did not appear local swelling and pain and other infections, skin test false positive rate was significantly more than 75% alcohol for skin disinfection false positive rate is low.

  Do not disinfect direct skin test. Direct intradermal test without skin infection, ruled out by the skin disinfectant caused by false positives, reducing the false positive rate, reduce the patient's pain, save the use of sterile cotton swabs and incineration costs, improve work efficiency, skin test results are reliable The

  If the clinical skin test disinfectant allergy (alcohol allergy), the proposed clinical use of saline or non-toxic method for skin test, reduce the clinical skin test false positive rate.