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Precautions For Disinfectants

  Precautions for Disinfectants

  (1) Product storage: Products should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse, moisture-proof, waterproof,Disinfectant waterproof, fire, isolated source of ignition and heat, prohibit and inflammable and explosive, spontaneous combustion, such as explosion of material mixed, not and oxidant, reducing agent, easy to be chlorinated, oxidizing substances mixed storage, absolutely prohibit with liquid ammonia, ammonia, ammonium, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride urea, such as ammonia, ammonium, amine, inorganic salts and organic compounds mixed and mixed, otherwise prone to explosion or combustion, and nonionic surfactant contact, Otherwise it is easy to burn.

  (2) Product transport:Disinfectant products can be used trains, automobiles, ships and other means of transport, shipping, to prevent packaging breakage, fire, waterproof, moisture-proof, and ammonia, ammonia, ammonium, amide, urea, oxidant, nonionic surfactant, flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods mixed.

  (3) Fire Fighting: cyanuric acid does not spontaneously ignite non-flammable, when with ammonium, ammonia, ammonium mixed easily after combustion and explosion, at the same time the material due to fire and impact, causing its decomposition,Disinfectant release harmful gas, so fire, firefighters must wear gas masks, wear overalls and on the Thunder to fire, you can use water, foam fire extinguishing materials such as common fire extinguishing.