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The Classification Of Medical Instruments Can Be Divided Into Several Categories

  The classification of Medical Instruments can be divided into several categories

  Medical Instruments refer only to devices that directly or indirectly assist in the rehabilitation of the human body, including equipment, appliances, and instruments. The main use of Medical Instruments is a physical way to the human body to support the rehabilitation of the treatment. Different from the medication, reagents, surgery and other means of rehabilitation.

  The classification of medical equipment can be divided into several categories: a class, medical beds, bed-based, including infusion chairs, waiting chairs, and care vehicles and other products, these Medical Instruments through regular supervision can guarantee its effective Safe quality products.

  Two types of medical equipment:

  The basic definition of the second class of Medical Instruments is that the safety and efficacy should be controlled by the medical equipment, two types of medical equipment in addition to B-machine, biochemical instrument, and microscopes, X-ray film machine, some surgical instruments are also two Medical equipment such as scalpels.

  Three types of medical equipment:

  This is the most strict management of a class of medical equipment, because his main purpose is to implant the body to assist the body to recover, or to maintain the patient's life. Because of this type of Medical Instruments on the human body are potentially dangerous, so the state of this medical device manufacturers have a very strict examination and approval requirements.

  Medical device manufacturers registration procedures are based on the production of different types of products have different registration requirements, a class of medical equipment registration is the most simple, as long as the local Food and Drug Administration for the record, and to produce two, or more than two medical Professional graduate staff can. But the second class of medical equipment and three types of medical equipment has a more stringent requirements, because the matter is not trivial here for example.

  Since the beginning of 2010, the state began to pay attention to the medical cause, from the people's livelihood to the medical problems, to the medical infrastructure have done a lot of policy support, and nearly a year or two countries on the local medical equipment production is also very concerned about encouraging enterprises Take the technology research and development routes, but also call and encourage the use of major hospitals using domestic medical equipment.