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The Impact Of Financial Crisis On Medical Instruments Industry

  The Impact of Financial Crisis on Medical Instruments Industry

  Financial market crisis is a leading indicator of economic recession, but in the past history, the medical industry did show good resilience. At the same time in the world, the medical industry M & A activity is still strong. It is precisely because China is relatively stable in the financial tsunami and the earthquake resistance of the medical industry, plus the medical industry, the high profits of the industry, capital continued to influx.

  At present, China's Medical Instruments industry compared with developed countries, Medical Instruments although there is a gap, but the pace of development of China's medical equipment to the world are eyebrows. China's latest research and development of Medical Instruments products also walk in the international medical equipment industry's cutting-edge. The next few years, China will surpass Japan, becoming the world's second largest medical equipment market.

  With the rapid development of domestic enterprises R & D strength, as well as the market focus from high-tech to the popular type of transfer, the competitiveness of domestic products is gradually enhanced for domestic manufacturers to expand the market provides a rare opportunity. It is foreseeable that the future development of China's Medical Instruments industry is very large space.

  In addition, in the context of the increasingly severe financial crisis in the world, in order to resist the adverse effects of the international economic environment on China, held on November 5, 2008 executive meeting of the State Council put forward a proactive fiscal policy and a moderately easy monetary policy, Medical Instruments More effective measures to expand domestic demand. November 23, 2008, the Ministry of Health issued a circular, in the country's new 100 billion yuan central investment arrangements, the arrangements for special investment of 4.8 billion yuan to support the construction of rural health service system. "2008 4.8 billion new investment" new rural medical equipment investment 1.5 billion, plus "06" plan "" new rural medical investment 6.771 billion, Medical Instruments two total increase of 8.271 billion. This increase of 8.271 billion mainly to rural medical equipment procurement, the time is mainly concentrated in 2008 - 2010. Low-end medical equipment will face enormous demand, become the first to benefit from the industry.