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The Type Of Disinfectant On The Market And The Advantages And Disadvantages

The type of disinfectant on the market and the advantages and disadvantages

1: Peroxide-based disinfectant:

Advantages: strong bactericidal ability, with a strong ability to oxidize, bacteria, spores, mold kill effect;

Disadvantages: chemical instability, irritation, long-term use will damage the animal's eyes, respiratory mucosa and so on.

2: Chloride preparations Disinfectants:

Advantages: strong bactericidal ability, irritating small bactericidal effect is slow and lasting;

Disadvantages: the role of the virus is not, the nature of instability, to be with the current use, and its metabolite trichloromethane high carcinogenic.

3: iodine preparation disinfectant:

Advantages: good stability, high safety, strong bactericidal ability;

Disadvantages: poor biodegradability, long-term use will cause damage to the environment.

4: Alkaline disinfectant:

Advantages: for most of the reproductive bacteria and viruses have a strong lethality;

Disadvantages: the skin and mucous membranes of poultry have a strong irritation, to be with the current use, if a long time easy to absorb carbon dioxide, loss of disinfection.

5: Surfactant disinfectant:

Advantages: broad-spectrum antibacterial sterilization, stable nature, low toxicity, irritation is small, does not produce pollution, temperature, light, sustainable storage;

Disadvantages: antibacterial range is small, compatibility taboos, more expensive, and the case of sulfonamides will lead to reduced disinfection efficacy.

6: strong oxidizer disinfectant:

Advantages: non-toxic, harmless, no residue, and does not produce drug resistance, drinking water disinfection to improve water quality, and deodorant effect;

Disadvantages: organic matter on the disinfectant have a certain impact.

7: aldehyde disinfectant:

Advantages: strong bactericidal ability, fast, bacteria, fungi, spores, viruses have a role;

Disadvantages: irritation, the birds have a certain poison.

8: phenolic disinfectant:

Advantages: can inhibit and kill the general bacteria;

Disadvantages: low bactericidal effect, easy to cause pollution to the environment, the birds have some poison.

9: alcohol disinfectant:

Advantages: can kill bacteria propagate, destroy most lipophilic virus;

Disadvantages: sterilization effect is not strong, fungi, spores, the virus is invalid.