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To Introduce You To Affect The Disinfectant Disinfection Effect Of Several Factors

  To introduce you to affect the disinfectant disinfection effect of several factors

  Manufacturers to introduce you to affect the disinfectant disinfection effect of several factors

  1, the concentration of disinfectant: the basic conditions to kill the micro-organisms, including disinfection strength and time two aspects of disinfection strength in the chemical disinfection refers to the use of disinfectant concentration, disinfection and disinfectant concentration and time is proportional to.

  2, the type and quantity of microbial contamination: different types of organisms, the effect of its disinfection naturally different, and the number of micro-organisms will also affect the number of disinfection effect.

  3, the impact of temperature: In general, the higher the temperature the better the effect.

  4, relative humidity: disinfection environment relative humidity on the gas disinfection and fumigation disinfection is very obvious, too high humidity or too low will affect the disinfection effect. Chlorine dioxide in the relative humidity of 50-70% better sterilization effect.

  5, pH (PH value): On the one hand, the effect of PH value on the disinfectant itself will reduce or increase the activity of the disinfectant; disinfectant on the other hand, the effect of PH value on the microorganism is that the chlorine dioxide is better in the acidic environment.

  6, organic matter: the organic environment in the disinfection environment can often inhibit or weaken the disinfection factor sterilization ability, disinfectant on the one hand surrounded by organic matter around the micro-organisms, play a protective effect on microorganisms, hinder the penetration of disinfection factors; the other hand, chemical disinfection Agent, the organic matter itself can also consume a part of the chemical disinfectant by chemical reaction. Various disinfectants are affected by organic matter, chlorine dioxide is less affected by organic matter.

  7, antagonist substances: For chemical disinfection methods, disinfectant pay attention to the neutralization of antagonists and interference. Such as acidic or alkaline disinfectant will be alkaline or acidic substances in the neutralization, weaken its disinfection.