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antibacterial hand sanitizer

  • Antibacterial Lotion

    Contact NowAntibacterial LotionDisineer Antibacterial lotion PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Range of application This product can be used for vulva cleaning, men and women daily health care and women's vaginal washing. Methods of use 1.Perineum nursing: antibacterial solution used to scrub the vulva...Read More

  • Hand Sanitizer

    Contact NowHand SanitizerDisineer Hand sanitizer PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Principal component The content of Chlorhexidine gluconate is 0.2% + 0.02%, and contains bitter gourd, betaine, collagen, vitamin E. Killing Microbial categories It has bactericidal effect on bacteria, E. coli,...Read More

  • Waterless Hand Disinfection Gel

    Contact NowWaterless Hand Disinfection GelDisineer Waterless hand disinfection gel PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This product is with Chlorhexidine gluconate and ethanol as the main effective components of disinfectant gel and chlorhexidine gluconate content for 9g/L-11g/L, ethanol content 54%-66%. Killing Microbial...Read More