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iodine sanitizer ppm

  • Hand Sanitizer

    Contact NowHand SanitizerDisineer Hand sanitizer PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Principal component The content of Chlorhexidine gluconate is 0.2% + 0.02%, and contains bitter gourd, betaine, collagen, vitamin E. Killing Microbial categories It has bactericidal effect on bacteria, E. coli,...Read More

  • Iodine Strain Remover

    Contact NowIodine Strain RemoverDisineer Iodine Strain Remover PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Product features 1.Tast and effective removal of all kinds of iodine stains; 2.No corrosive, no damage to the skin and the human body, will not damage the original object; 3.Easy to use, directly sprayed on the...Read More

  • Compound Iodine Disinfectant

    Contact NowCompound Iodine DisinfectantDisineer Compound iodine disinfectant PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This product is based on iodine, acetate and ethanol as the main effective components of disinfectant, effective iodine content of 2.1g/L-2.5g/L, the content of 4.5g/L-5.5g/L acetate, ethanol content of...Read More